Why is split air conditioning system a great choice?

Every person wants relaxation on coming home from heavy work in the summer. In many countries of the world, summers are long and have the tremendous humid temperatures. In these countries, it is impossible to work all the day without a good air conditioning system. So, a good air conditioning system is of great benefit for people in such countries.

At present, there are many air conditioning systems available in the market. The common types of air conditioning systems are window ACs, split ACs, cassette ACs, cube ACs and tower ACs. However, among these, a split air conditioning system is definitely the best air conditioning system that is able to fulfill almost all requirements of the consumers. As for customers who are looking for the perfect air conditioning system that fits into a little space, a split air conditioning system is the right choice. It requires very little space and also does not need a window in the house.

Apart from these, they have many other exclusive advantages that make it valuable for the user.

Aspects of a split System air conditioning

Every product has some unique characteristics by which it can be easily recognized. Similarly, the split air conditioning system has some exclusive features that differentiate it from other air conditioning systems in the market.

A split air conditioning system includes two key parts. They are the indoor unit and the outdoor units. The outdoor unit is set on the wall outside of the room. This outdoor unit includes the condenser coil, compressor, and the expansion coil whereas the glossy-looking indoor unit consists of an air filter, cooling coil and a long blower. A split air conditioner saves the space in a room because the internal unit needs very little space to be installed. Also, it does not require a window for it to be installed as in the case of window type air conditioners.

Besides, split air conditioners usually come in a capacity range of 0.75 ton to 2 tons.

As such, its main workings are humidity control, dust filter, and the bacteria filter. It also does not make too much noise when in operation.

Main components and their function of split air conditioning system

split system air conditioner

There are some important parts of split air conditioning system that perform the entire task of cooling.

Compressor – This is nothing but an electric pump. It is the brain or heart of the system. The main task of the compressor is to disperse the refrigerant between the evaporator coils and condenser.

Fan – Removes the air via the condenser coil for heat circulation.

Condenser coil – This is a network of tubes that eliminates heat from the heated gas refrigerant and transforms it into liquid form again. The extra heat clears out into the outside environment.

Evaporator coil – It is similar to the condenser coil. It eliminates moisture and heat from the air as the refrigerant evaporates into gas again.

Air filters – It filters the pollen, trap dust and other airborne particles from the air and helps in keeping the room fresh and germ-free.

How is split air conditioner distinct from other air conditioning technologies?

A split air conditioning system is different from other air conditioning devices with respect to some exclusive properties. Without any doubt, it can be a proper substitute to the centralized, wall, or window air conditioner systems. A split air conditioning system is condensed and confined between two localized component sections. That is why; there is very little chance for heat and electricity to escape the system. Due to heat transform in the air conditioner duct system, the centralized air conditioning systems waste a vast amount of energy. This type of problem is totally removed in the split air conditioning system. Another important thing about this air conditioning system is that they are very small and require very small space. They do not require window at the room to be installed. For these reasons, this air conditioning system is preferable than the wall and window air conditioning system. Apart from these, they are simple to operate, maintain, and relatively cheaper. Additionally, they require few electrical wiring and specialized air conditioning installation techniques than other air conditioning systems.

Tips to maintain a split air conditioning system

air conditioning split system

There are some useful tips given below that keep a split air conditioning system safe and also make it durable.

  • Disconnect the electrical source to the system before performing any maintenance. Otherwise, it may cause the equipment damage, personal injury or death.
  • Wash the air filters using detergent and water. Restore the glass fiber filter when dirty.
  • Must not operate the system without filters.
  • Re-lubricate the sealed bearings of the indoor blower motor and outdoor fan motor.
  • Clean the outdoor coil.
  • Inspect the duct system for any leaks.
  • Test all electrical wiring of the system to determine whether they are loose or not.
  • Inspect the motor bearings. Replace the fan blade if any cracks or missing balancing weights are found.
  • Also inspect the refrigerant charge.
  • If a breakdown takes place, please call a well-trained air conditioner technician.

Advantages offered by a split air conditioning system

The split air conditioning system has several advantages.

  • Though it has two separate units (indoor and outdoor), it is very easy to install.
  • This machine has easy-washable parts. So, it is easy to maintain.
  • It is operated almost silently. For these reasons, it is good for bedrooms, boardrooms, classrooms, and libraries.
  • It features greater heating capability.
  • It is a great option at low price rate.
  • They are available in many attractive designs. This is why it expands the beauty of a room.
  • Remote control facility is available for easy operation.

A split system air conditioner is very widely available in the market. One can always look at online sellers, in order to get the best of offers. However, it is recommended that you do a good amount of research before shelling out money on such a system. For that, professionals can help you select and also set up the system, all for a nominal fee