Why and how you buy reverse cycle air conditioning system For Melbourne Residents?

The Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning System is surely a great choice that provides comfort during hot and humid summers. It not only reduces the hot conditions of room but also refreshes the mind of the users. It provides extra energy to users and allows them to carry out heavy tasks for an extended period. So, it comes as a very useful commodity for people living in countries which experience hot and humid summers.

Nowadays, there are different models of air conditioning systems available in the market. They are usually various types, such as window air conditioners, split air conditioners, reverse cycle air conditioners and others. A reverse cycle air conditioning system is one of the most significant types of Air-con system in Melbourne. It is sometimes termed as a heating pump. The most important thing about these types of air conditioning systems is that it can use for cooling as well as heating rooms, as per user needs. On the contrary, this facility not always found in an ordinary air conditioning system.


Features of reverse air conditioning system

Reverse air conditioning systems have some unique characteristics, which are not found in the other types of air conditioning systems. It is used in summer seasons to reduce the temperature of a room or a workplace. But, in cold winter as well, it can be used effectively to control the temperature. Hence, these reverse air conditioning systems provide a complete cooling solution in summer, as well as heating solutions in winter.

Apart from this original property, these reverse air conditioning systems have the following features.

  • It is entirely cost-effective. It not only reduces the cost of the electricity bill, but also the maintenance cost is pretty low.
  • It is energy-efficient.
  • It features a long life of up to 20 years.
  • Filters the air present in the room. So, it eliminates bacteria, dust, and other airborne diseases.
  • It Does not contain unprotected elements or flames.

Therefore, the primary objective of reverse air conditioning systems is to transfer exceptional comfort by maintaining the temperature, air quality and air flow in a wide range of environments.

Working of reverse air conditioning system

Another name of a reverse air conditioning system is a heat pump since it works on the assumption of a heat pump. As the name suggests, these air conditioning systems transfer heat from one place to other.


Reverse cycle air conditioning system detaches heat from the outside air, even on mid-winter nights, and delivers it inside. A fan, called refrigerant is used to do this work. Heat is cooled, and then it flows back into the room. The refrigerant then pumped via a compressor unit into a fan coil unit (condenser) inside the chamber. Then, it delivers cold air into the room.

During its working, it creates a high-temperature and high-pressure gas, which is pushed out via a heat exchanger outside the home. It provides warmth to remove and keep the refrigerant fresh and deliquescent.

More than three units are delivered for each unit of electricity used to run this whole system. In this way, running costs can be reduced to one-third of those for direct element heaters. So, it is surely beneficial.

Distinctly designed models of reverse air conditioning system

There are various design aspects to consider when choosing an air conditioning Melbourne system. Based on the requirement and design of a home, it may be available in generally three types.

Vents feature a broad range of models. It can also installed on the walls or ceiling. Another comfortable design is control. Controls are mounted and hardwired on a wall. For single room or a small house, the users have one controller for the whole system. But, in a case of a large house or a large workstation, it needs additional controllers.

Sensors are another type of design feature that is used by the controller to preserve the room at the aimed temperature. Multiple sensors required for a large open-plan area. Additionally, most systems divide a home into zones for ease as well as the economy. Otherwise, it can be set for distinct climate levels for separate areas as needed.

How much cost will a reverse air conditioning system need?


Normally, the cost of a reverse air conditioning system, including installation charge is less than $5000. But, this not fixed price. It can easily reach twice that amount or more. The price of the reverse air conditioning based on the type and size of that system. The running cost based on the kind, size, energy efficiency, the time the users are operating it for, the construction of the home (size of windows, the level of insulation, floor plan, etc.) and paid electricity tariffs.

The temperature of the thermostat that the users select is another important thing which affects the cost. The thermostat usually expands degrees in summer and reduces degrees in winter. It can grow the running cost by 10-15%. The best temperature that is comfortable to the users is 25 degrees in summer and 20 degrees in winter.

There are some techniques given below that reduce the running cost:

  • When the system is running, all outside windows and doors should close.
  • To keep the warmth out and in, shade the windows in hot summer days and cool winter nights respectively.
  • Switch on the air conditioner early. Do not wait until the home is warm.

Important factors you need to note when buying a reverse cycle air conditioning system

There are some convenient factors that a customer always needs to consider before purchasing an air conditioning system.

  • The purchaser should identify the orientation, size and position of doors and windows.
  • The category of construction, whether it is full brick or weatherboard.
  • The insulation level.
  • If the home is a floor plan, then it is needed to know how many levels there are.
  • It is energy efficient or not. It must have energy rating label between 1-6 stars. The energy rating label recognizes the energy efficiency. Efficiency increases with the increment of the number of stars.
  • The users also must consider the number of people staying in the home and the application area (bedroom, office, etc.).

Lastly, if you are planning to install a reverse cycle air conditioning system, be it in your home or office; always make sure to consult with experts in the field. This will allow for a good purchase, as well as proper setting up of the equipment.