Why should you choose an Evaporative Cooling air conditioning system?

Are you thinking of buying a good and reliable Evaporative Air Conditioning system? Why not buy an evaporative air cooler? An evaporative cooler, also known as desert cooler, swamp cooler, and evaporative air conditioner, is a machine that can cool its surrounding areas by the evaporation of water present in it. It is much different from air conditioners as air conditioners use compressed vapour. It works on the principle that while water evaporates, it absorbs the surrounding heat for reaching its vapour form. This result in a cooling sensation, as the temperature drops, due to the absence of heat in the periphery.

It is very efficient than typical air conditioning systems as evaporation can cool the air more cheaply and efficiently than the air conditioners refrigeration system. Also, in scorched places, a desert cooler can supply the dry air with moisture for the benefit of the users.

How does it work?

You might have noticed that when you take a walk or rest by a sea or a river, you will feel fresh and relaxing. This effect will be even more prominent on a windy day. Have you ever pondered about this? This is because the cooling water body absorbs the heat from the wind and makes it fresh. So, this cooling wind blows to us and is called a sea breeze.

An evaporative cooler works mainly on the same principle. In such coolers, the air comes into a particular cooling unit through the inlet located on the exterior of your house. The passage of the hot air is equipped with individual moisturized pads, which cools and filters the air while it goes to the cooling fan fitted in the interior of your house. The fan then evenly spreads the cooled air to every corner of your room. The hot air present in the chamber also pushed out if the windows and the doors are open.

Why choose an Evaporative Cooling Air Conditioning System?

An evaporative air conditioning system is very efficient and useful. It can cool even the hottest places without damaging the environment by drying up the air. It is the best option for the dry summers all around the world. This system is proven to be cheaper and environment-friendly than ordinary air conditioning systems. Its main benefits are listed below:

  • Windows and door, if left open, does no harm.
  • These are extremely cheap systems.
  • The installation of such systems is very easy.
  • The system helps deliver fresh air, even in polluted places.
  • The air is filtered thoroughly and is free of allergens.
  • The system enhances the ventilation system of the house by pushing out the hot air and bad odours.
  • This system adds extra moisture to the air instead of stealing it.
  • This system also drives out insects and dust.
  • Replaces the air in every few minutes.

This simple, but the efficient system uses up less power than a standard AC as they do not use a refrigeration unit. This is the reason why evaporative air conditioning systems let you save money on your electricity bills. Also, an evaporative air conditioning system takes much less effort in installation, when compared to ACs that requires the installation of highly complicated ducts.

Why are Evaporative Cooling Air Conditioning Systems better than regular ACs?

  • Costs for purchase and electricity bills: The main advantage of evaporative air conditioning systems over standard ones are the buying price and the electricity costs involved. Even if you buy a vast and high-capacity evaporative air conditioning system, it will be of lesser cost than a normal AC. However, the bigger savings lie with its maintenance cost, which is way less than that of the normal refrigerated ACs. The biggest evaporative air conditioning systems can cool the whole house in lesser costs than the smallest AC that can cool only one room!
  • Repairing costs: If you ever have dealt with a damaged AC, then you must have realized by now about how much of a pain it can be. The repairing cost of a damaged AC can be injuring, but it is not so with an evaporative air conditioning system. Repairing an AC’s compressor can set you back for about $1800! But repairing an evaporative air conditioning system’s main part, which is its electric motor, will cost you about $400 only.
  • Air quality: An evaporative air conditioning system not only gives out fresh, filtered air but also pushes out the stale air from your home! Also, the air is replaced many times in an hour. But the refrigerated ACs only re-circulates the stale air present in your house all day long, so the air becomes dirty and dry. Also, the refrigerated ACs has harmful gasses that deplete the ozone layer of the earth. So evaporative air conditioning systems are environment-friendly too.
  • Cooling area: A refrigerated AC is made to cool only one part of the house at a time, that too depending on its capacity. Also, it uses an enormous amount of energy for achieving this. But an evaporative air conditioning system can quickly cool the whole house! The more heat, the better cooling! The air, by such a system, can absorb the full heat of the house without using much electricity. So buying an evaporative air conditioning system is a very smart choice.

Things to look for when buying a conditioning system for your Home or Office:


While buying an evaporative air conditioning system, you must ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is an evaporative air conditioning system necessary for me according to my region?
  • Which size of an evaporative air conditioning system will be appropriate for my place?
  • Does it have a silent fan which will not disturb me while I am working?
  • Is it from a reputed company which gives me a good warranty for the cooler?
  • Does it have all the latest features like speed control or automatic speed?
  • Does it need a large amount of water for cooling effectively?

So, now you can see why an evaporative air conditioning system is a much better alternative to the regular air conditioner in dry regions.