How do you repair and maintain an Air Conditioner In Melbourne?

The temperature of the world keeps increasing day by day due to the global warming. This affects the climate enormously, especially in the hot summers. As such, it even gets the tough task to concentrate on tasks at hand during the hot summer season. However, an air conditioning system that keeps the indoors cool in hot and humid temperature is an excellent option for a lot of people.

As such, air conditioning systems play a significant role in offering cooling contentment to the whole family, as well as an office. However, an air conditioning system also needs to be maintained properly and inspected regularly. The proper maintenance of the air conditioning system expands the life of the equipment. Especially, it improves its basic functioning, as well as protects it from the chance of breakdown.

Nowadays, there are air conditioning repair service providers available in the market. They send their experienced professionals to do work. Part of their fast service is to eliminate the build-up of any dangerous bacteria, fungi or mold. They provide both commercial and residential services. They also carefully inspect the refrigerant levels, efficiency and temperature of the equipment in an air conditioning Melbourne system.

Most frequent problems of air conditioning systems


An air conditioning system is very flexible and reliable in nature. However, numerous problems do occur. The users themselves can quickly solve some of these problems. However, it is best to call a well-trained and experienced technician for solving complex problems.

The common problems, which need to adhere to the different parts of an air conditioning system, are mentioned below.

Blown fuses – The fuses prevent the motor or compressor unit from overheating. When an engine is considered to be in a bad condition, then it is a problem of the breaker.

Capacitors – This part is used to assist the motors of the unit to run at a persistent speed. There is a chance of burning the capacitors due to short circuit or overheating problems. In that case, it needs to replaced with a new one.

Compressor – This is the brain of any air condition system and found in the condenser coil. When this part undercharged with the refrigerant, it becomes hot and ultimately seizes. At that time, the liquid refrigerant returns to the compressor and is responsible for liquid slugging.

Condenser Coil – This is found outside the compressor and is the part that revealed to the dusty outdoor elements. This is why they often get dirty and should be washed with a water hose at least once a year.

Drain lines – Generally, this unit of the air conditioning system blocked with algae or dirt. If it blocked, it might cause water damage.

Evaporator coil – This part is found in the attic of the split system. In the case of package units, it located outside the premises. It should clean every three years. Sometimes, it can break too.

Filters – This part became dirty and blocked due to the air particles. A dirty filter will diminish the air flow to the unit, thereby causing the unit to freeze. At this point, it requires replaced with a new one.

Gas valve – Generally, the gas valve measures the gas flow from the gas line to the system. They often get corroded and need to be replaced with a new one.

Refrigerant leak – This is a very common problem that occurs in the air conditioning system. It can be detected due to the vibration of the system while it is running. It can never repair. However, it can also restore with a new one.

Thermostat – The primary function of the system is to decide what to do and when to do it. Many times, it is incidentally turned off or set wrongly.

Worn contactor – In an air-conditioning system, three contractors are used for the compressor, condenser fan motor, and blower motor. These get worn out of daily usage and needs to replaced.

Solutions provided by air conditioning repair professionals

The following solutions provided by any suitable air conditioning repairing company.


Air conditioning and refrigeration maintenance – Good companies offer all types of relevant services like air conditioning repairs and breakdowns, refrigeration repairs and maintenance, preventative maintenance contracts and also, emergency services. They provide services not only to homes but also to commercial offices, retail outlets, entertainment places, medical centers, schools, factories and community sites. The most important task of a good service provider is to fulfill the customer’s requirements. So, try to choose good air conditioning repairing company.

Breakdown service – A unit failure is a very common problem for an air conditioning system. AC repair professionals solve this type of problems very quickly. Firstly, they look to recognize the actual problem of air conditioning. They schedule their visits at a time suitable to the customers and offer very clear and straightforward services. A good company will also not have any hidden costs. They always try to focus on providing exclusive services at reasonable rates. The breakdown of the air conditioning system can be frustrating to the users, and the idea is to solve it within minimum time.

Equipment care – Air conditioners should regularly maintain like other regular commodities. A proper and periodic maintenance of air conditioning systems expands the lives of the products. Maximum air conditioning repair professionals recommend that any maintenance should do before summer. The cost of maintenance depends on the size and type of the air conditioning system.

Tips For Ducted air conditioners

Some useful guidelines need to be kept in mind while improving air conditioning systems –

  • Search background and licensing of the company.
  • Compare and contrast service and price packages.
  • Carefully analyze the warranty period provided by the company.
  • Inspect the breaker, filter, compressor and other parts of the air conditioning system.
  • Carefully discharge all the electrical power resources before starting maintenance or repair. Otherwise, it may cause serious injury.
  • Wash it regularly.
  • Inspect the ducts properly.