How to carry out air conditioning installation quickly?

Have you recently bought an air conditioner? Are you confused about getting it installed? Installing an air conditioner is the most important step after buying the product itself. You can either install an air conditioner yourself or call an expert to fix it. However, the latter will require a small amount of money. You can save money by installing it by yourself, but you would have to do it very carefully.

The first part of this guide will discuss air conditioner installation by professionals in Melbourne, and the second part will consider installing the air conditioning yourself.

Installation of an air conditioner by professionals In Melbourne


This part of the guide will discuss all the processes, cost and services by air conditioner installing experts. Though this service requires a fee, it is very dependable as the servicemen are very skilled and they can do the job in a matter of hours with high accuracy.

Also, some air conditioner distributors are also known to provide professionals who can do the job for free.

Costs of installing an air conditioner by professionals

Air Conditioning Melbourne experts can install an air conditioning system anywhere, be it in homes, offices, schools or hospitals. Such service used by agencies which have a very complicated air conditioning system. This service is often very affordable and gets the job done without any hassles. Air conditioning installation cost Depend on so many factors. As such, the average price of installing a single storey back to back split air conditioning system with power levels of 4 KW or lower will be about $650.

Single/double storey back to back Split Air Conditioning System

A back to back system is another term for those split air conditioners that have two components which are essential for its working. These are:

  • Outdoor unit: This is in a location directly below the main indoor unit. It positioned on the single/double storey of the building.
  • Indoor unit: This is the main part of the air conditioner. It is fixed on a wall above the outdoor unit. It has special pipes for refrigeration which are connected to the outdoor unit through the walls.

For installing such an air conditioner, you can either choose a standard installation or a custom one. If you want a position that is beyond the pipes reach, extra pipes may be needed.

Benefits of air conditioner installation by professionals


There are lots of advantages and services added to the installation of an air conditioner by an expert. Some of these are listed below:

  • The servicemen are usually fully compliant with all the modern standards and do the work very accurately.
  • They have a least of 20 meters of pipelines, for more distance, you would have to buy a custom package for a little more money.
  • A particular type of ducting system is made by them with PVC material, to hide all the pipes or electrical works.
  • Weatherproof switch for safety fixed near the outside part provided.
  • Some extra features can provide for them albeit for some additional charge.

This type of installation is very convenient as one can apply many enhancements with a nominal fee, of course. If you want to install the outdoor unit on a wall, they can install it with the help of durable all-weather wall mounts so that it remains fitted in any weather. Also, you can opt for only hardy inter-connective pipelines for durability. You can make a lot of changes for durability and beauty.

Installing an air conditioner yourself

Many people call experts to install an air conditioning system. But, if you are even a little familiar with the electrical equipment, you can easily install the product yourself. It is also a better option than hiring an expert, as you can save a lot of money.

Every split air conditioner is a little different in structure, but the installation method is essentially the same. It divides into two main steps, and these discussed below. But first, we must talk about the tools that are required.

  • A level
  • Anchor hooks made up of durable plastic material
  • Screws used for tapping
  • A drilling machine with the set of bits
  • Black tape used in electrical operations
  • Wrenches
  • Pump for creating a vacuum
  • Clamp for cables
  • Hole/reciprocating saw
  • Insulated coverings

Step 1: Indoor unit Installation

  • First, you have to choose a part of the wall in the interior of the house which shall be unobstructed by household objects, far from heat sources and electrical types of equipment or the sunlight, and away from places where oil mist can be present, as these sites can make the gas leak.
  • You have to make a wooden or metal frame for installing the indoor unit.
  • Attach the mounting plate of the indoor unit to the desired place by drilling small holes in the wall and attaching the plastic anchors on it. Then, make the plate secure by the use of the tapping screws.
  • Then, you will have to make a small hole for the piping to fit into. For this, you have to find the best spot which is closer to the outside unit.
  • You have to drill a 3 inches hole in the place chosen, and then you have a put a flange on it.
  • You can then remove the central unit’s cover by lifting its front part. Then you would need to check if the cable arrangements are similar to that shown in the manual.
  • At last, you just have to connect the pipes and the wires. The pipes should be made up of PVC. Don’t bend the items too much. Secure it to the unit with the help of the wrenches.
  • Attach the unit to the mounting plate.

Step 2: Outdoor condenser installation

  • Choose the place of installation. It should be far away from the dirty areas or densely polluted areas. It’ll take up about 12 inches on the wall.
  • Attach the concrete pad on the desired spot and try to add a rubber cushioning for less vibration.
  • Now you will need to connect the cables and wiring accordingly as given in the manual. You can tighten the connections by the use of clamps.
  • Connect the pipes to their respective places on the unit. Fasten them by the help of flare nuts.

Although getting an air conditioner installed isn’t a mammoth task, it is still better to have to done by a professional. The reason is simple, considering that would get the perfect piece of the job done as per your needs.